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About Pie Berry Kitchen

Our story began around the family dinner table one night when the topic of cookies came up. The consensus was that most of us rated cookies as our favorite dessert.  This discovery was followed by what our favorites were, and we found that our preferences were based more on taste than “looks”.

Other reasons we agreed that cookies are the best?  Our daughter Christine said that cookies are the best baking gift (because you can sample along the way to make sure that they taste as good as they look).  Our son Michael voted cookies the quickest to make & enjoy (because you don’t have to wait too long to eat a warm and fresh cookie – even the dough tastes good), and all of us thought that cookies are the most versatile, (because they lend themselves to so many different designs, textures, and flavors).

One of our children asked, why do the best looking cookies seem to all taste the same?  One discussion led to another until we thought, why couldn’t the best tasting cookies look beautiful too?  And how could we make cute cookies that not only taste good and look fantastic but are easier and quicker to make than the typical cookie cut-outs with lots of sugary frosting on top?  That night the idea of Pie Berry Kitchen was “born”.

The “growing” took a little more time.  We wanted our cookie stamps to be easy to use, comfortable, durable, food-safe, and able to be washed in the dishwasher. We also wanted to develop the perfect recipe and an easy way to decorate cookies for total cookie-stamp-user success. Most of all, we wanted variety, a cookie stamp for every occasion!

Many product variations were tested and rejected before we finally were able to develop our current design(s) & recipe.  This process led us, more than once, to put our dream on hold and to do a bit more research, but four years later  (after lots of successes and failures) here we are, hoping one day to become the largest American Manufacturer of Cookie Stamps.  We can dream right…?

We make all of our cookie stamps in the USA at a family-owned business in Northern Illinois.

Please come back and visit us as we add new designs each week, and feel free to drop us a note with your suggestions for future designs!

We would love to hear from you about your baking experience and see some of your creations, so please drop us a note with a picture if you’d like. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for stopping by our shop!

Kathy & Carl Piper
Pie Berry Kitchen